You’ve been nominated! …for what?!

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A few weeks ago, Tom Allen was ordained as our assistant pastor, and something that was said has challenged me.  Pastor Kirk briefly mentioned that the church does not promote someone, or nominate them for a position so that they can do a “work.”  They promote or nominate people who are already doing the “work” into the appropriate position.

Basically, they do not ask someone to be a deacon simply because he desires to be one, but because his is already doing the work of a deacon, and so the position is appropriate for him.

Sounds logical enough, right?

So I had to ask myself, “Self, if you were to be nominated for a position in our church (real or not), which would it be?”

Well the cards are in, and it’s a mixed bag.

-    I could teach a parenting class as I have five children who I think are turning out well
-    I could help with kids ministry for the same reason
-    I have some experience with youth ministry, so I could help there
-    I could be the church book reviewer, as I love to read and I write reviews for Thomas Nelson, Bethany House, and Tyndale Publishers

Here’s where it gets dicey:

-    I could be asked to be the church critic.  I have a lot of opinions about what is being done right, and what I think is being done incorrect or needs improvement
-    I could be the church mooch as I am quick to take advantage of the various ministries in the church, but rarely give money to the church or volunteer
-    I could be the church gossip, as I sometimes share my opinions of others with friends instead of keeping them to myself

We’ve all heard “There’s no such thing as a ‘perfect church,’” often in reference to someone or something we don’t like, but it’s time to see that we’re the reason it’s not.  The change has to start with me.  Revival starts with me.  Raising Godly children is my responsibility, not the churches.

So I encourage you to ask the question as well, “If you were to be nominated for a position in your church (real or not), which would it be?” Then ask God to help make the necessary changes in your own life.


  • Kirkgilchrist

    I LOVE this!

  • Tina Mallery

    Well said

  • Reenie

    This was a great perspective !!!!! True True True – I also believe that the Bible says appoint faithful people and HE (God ) WILL GIVE them the ability – it is future tense- but present tense on the faithful part, so, that being said it is MORE important to be faithful than have the ability first – I think in our church we see the faithful doing the position and just naturally conclude God gave the ability so we should promote- But of course they were FAITHFUL to begin with ! LOVE this idea on the flip side – and yes, we all need to be aware of what we are speaking out and what we are doing is it positive , uplifting and encouraging? Does it bring life ? “Whatsoever things are true, uplifting , encouraging and of a GOOD report think and speak on these things ” Makes sence that we would see confirmation of this in His Word – again Chris LOVE IT !!!!!!!!! Blessings ~  Reenie

  • Kseery1

    I could sing on the worship team since i have done it for years in other churches , or like i am a participant of the kids life program as a teacher or volunteer helperb/c i have been a nanny for years  , or i could help in the office as i have managerial skills and like to organize stuff ,and or clean  as i have done that in the pass also as a living. Likke chris said we are all probably qualified to do many things in the church and could all use fine tuning in our perspective and attitude and mouths , but the real question posses that people are qualified but not willing to do the work or take the time out of there own time needs or wants to fill the positions needed in the church. And that is something in its self we need to all go to God to seek his will for our lives and not just what we want for our lives b/c others are missing out on the blessing and gifting each one of us has been given by God. challenges challenges!!!!!!

  • Brian Corcoran

    God has given each and every one of us already a gift and all gifts differ from one another as do different parts of the body…Romans 12…the gift given us doesn’t just operate at 9 or 11 in a building…our gift operates at home, at work, with family, with friends, in a fellowship hall and on the street…

    Our gift is who we are in Christ…the key in operating in our gift is humility…Romans 12:3

  • Hannah Hayner

    ooh good stuff! thanks for the challenge!

  • CRMooney

    thanks everyone for leaving your thoughts and encouragements.  this was really just born out of realizing that pointing my finger at problems (actual or perceived) isn’t a solution but a cup of gasoline on a raging fire, and an attempt to avoid the actual problem of my own personal responsibility to obey God.

    thanks again.