World Carbon Tax?

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Since the UN Climate Conference in Indonesia, I am surprised to see that there hasn’t been an uproar for the US taxpayer. The tax would bring in $10-$40 billion a year; a majority of which would be paid by th U.S.

Say we pay half of this, for an estimated $20 billion. Now, the government makes no money except through our taxes, so what would our responsibility be? Granted most of this would likely come from corporate taxes, and not income tax, but we all know when corporations pay more tax, prices go up and we pay in the end anyway. With an estimated 300 million Americans now, it works out to about $67 per person. I am married and the father of four, which means my “liability” for this global carbon tax would be about $400 a year.

How can our government even be considering such a thing?

Al Gore stood at this conference saying that the U.S. is primarily responsible for human caused global warming. Others at the conference called for a global redistribution of wealth to help smaller countries deal with the affect of global warming! Can you say one world government/economy?

Personally, I will be writing my representatives to express my displeasure. We can’t allow a bunch of socialists to dictate what our country can and will do.