White is to black as God is to (blank)?

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I remember taking aptitude tests in school where they had all kinds of relational questions. You probably have remember these as well. While reading through Lord Foulgrin’s Letters, I ran into a part where Lord Foulgrin talks about the human tendency to put opposites on the extreme ends of an equal plane.

White and black are both colors like hot and cold are both temperatures. The the further left you go, the whiter or hotter something gets; the further left, the blacker or colder something is.

Quite often, we do the same thing with God and Satan. Most place God on the ultimate side of good, and Satan on the ultimate extreme of bad. The Bible clearly states that in God there is no darkness (1 John 1:5), and Satan is a liar (John 8:44), thief (John 10:10), and murderer from the beginning (John 8:44).

While being opposites in the matter of good/evil, they are not on equal planes. This is something that I was doing that I was not aware of. Does it make a difference? Yes, a huge one.

While we often see Satan as the opposite of God, He is in no way equal. Satan’s equivalent would be the archangel Michael. See, while the devil is the opposing entity to God, was still created by God. Notice that he could not overthrow heaven, but was cast out. he did not take dominion of the earth, but was given earth as a domain. He is not omnipotent, omnipresent, or omni anything else.

He was a disobedient little twit that got kicked out of the big house and sent to the guest quarters.

Remember that the next time you are facing any type of adversity, our God (Jehovah to be clear) is the true God, and all are subject to His commands.  The devil loses because he has no chance of winning.  He never did.


- C.R. Mooney

  • Reenie

    Awesome post !!!!!!!! I think you are absolutly spot on when you say this – Many would place Satan on an equal playing field with God – funny because when you asked the ? I thought Sin – only God could be = to the ransom for my sin…… I was never good at those app tests anyway!!!!! Have a Great day Chris and thanks for the Post !!!!!!

    • http://www.crmooney.com C.R. Mooney

      Thanks Reenie. We can’t live under a spirit of fear, but of power, authority, and a sound mind.