What a crazy 2009

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Well, I hate when people disappear from the blogosphere, only to return some time later to apologize.  Here I am though, telling my story.

My January/February recap.  Let’s see, my Grandpa Corky died (mom’s dad).  We found out Beth’s grandpa has stage four of some cancer and only a few months to live.  My newly married brother-in-law fell victim to the recession, lost his job, and they moved in with us.  The democrats are single handedly running this country into the ground by forcing through an 1,100 page bill that no one had time to read, let alone let the public have it for 48 hours (as promised).

But praise be to God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever!  though heaven and earth may pass away, his glory and mercy endure forever!

I will resume posting at least weekly.  you may have noticed I removed the wordcount for the book I am writing.  I am continuing work on it, and will have the first draft done in a few months.  you may be reading more on that later.

Thanks so much to the people who have continued to stop in and check on us.  And hey, if you read something here, and it sparks a thought, leave a comment!

- mooney