Vaccination by Damon Thompson

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Here is an audio clip from Damon Thompson about how some of us are vaccinated with God instead of infected.  In other words, we have enough that we aren’t in danger of spreading the Gospel to anyone else.

Damon Thompson – Vaccination

  • Deborah Mooney

    wow, what an eye opener, truly grieved my heart to think that I only have enough of God in mt life to be satisfied with my self and my church and only think of those on the out side.But I have to say it has truly been on my heart what this man said about being infected with Jesus no matter what others think of me to the point of maybe everyone hating me and being by myself with God and really thats a good thing.Thank you Chris my beloved son in whom I am pleased of for opening my eyes even wider to the truth even when it hust to think I am guilty. love you so very much mom