Time for a New World

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Well, it’s the mark of another year gone by: Time for a new world at the Mooney house. Starting in 2005, every night one of the kids picks a country, and we pray for the people of that country to come to know Christ, and for “the people in cages.” (See my post “The People In Cages“) It’s one way we teach our children that what Jesus did for us affects more than just our town and our county, it affects the world. And in many countries, it’s illegal to even preach the Gospel. We remind them of this so that they never take our right to worship freely for granted.

One day we may not have this privilege, and just maybe they will remember all those times we prayed for persecuted Christians around the world and know that somewhere, in some distant land, in some other language, there are people who don’t know their name, praying that God give them the strength and grace to make it through each day. That in the darkest of dungeons, they can be a shining light that brings glory to God and sets captives free, even while in chains.

We support The Voice of the Martyrs, a group that helps persecuted Christians around the globe (click the map to get to their website). Along with that support comes a newsletter that tells of different people who are currently being jailed, beaten, or otherwise persecuted for their faith. Please consider supporting them.