The Talented Mr. (Miss) You!

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I love to read and I love to write, but no matter how hard I try when I write, I always feel like my ideas and words are mediocre at best, and every one else is a brilliant literary savant.

I frequent Jon Acuff’s blog, made famous by his comical and witty book “Stuff Christians Like” (my review here) and more recently “Quitter” (great book!), and I was blown away by a recent post titled “The talent we have the hardest time recognizing is our own.

He posted a video by a guy named Derek Sivers which sums it up pretty well.

Derek asks at the end of the short video, and I would like your thoughts as well, “Are you holding back something that’s too “obvious” to share?”

Mine is writing.


The talent we have the hardest time recognizing is our own.


  • Bethany

    Love this!! :)

  • Ron

    ow ow ow

  • Matt

    Believe it or not I was pretty good at shooting things from helicopters during the day and at night. Only a few people got to see those mad skills! maybe not what you were looking for, but there it is…obvious and unknown.

  • C.R. Mooney

    lol, nice moon! I’ve never had that opportunity, though I’m sure it’s ridiculously awesome.