The People in Cages

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Sometimes kids have a way of wording things that is unexpectedly profound, a way of asking a common question that colors a simple thought differently than you have seen before.  In October of 2005, my daughter Laila asked such a question and from that day it has changed the way we pray.

Our family supports The Voice of the Martyrs, a group that helps persecuted Christians around the globe (click the pic to get to their website).  Along with that support comes a newsletter that tells of different people who are currently being jailed, beaten, or otherwise persecuted for their faith.  The picture for this post is part of the cover from that October issue, and I had left it on our coffee table.  My daughter saw it and asked, “Daddy, why are those people in a cage?”

Wow.  It is obvious they are in prison, but in a cage? I hadn’t thought of that.  So I explained to my children that not everyone is free to worship God (Jehovah) and that they are sometimes put in prison, or cages, and we started praying every night with our children for “the people in cages.”

It also inspired us to pray for them in different countries, and it got hard to tell what we had already prayed for, so I bought a world map.  Now, every night, one of the kids picks a country, and we pray for the people of that country to come to know Christ, and for “the people in cages.”

This isn’t to make us out to be awesome or super spiritual. I mostly wanted to tell you so that you can see a simple way to show your kids that being a Christian is more than church on Sunday, it’s more than our own country, it’s a worldwide family.

Is there anything you do with your family that might encourage others?  Let me know!