The Debt Jesus Paid

Posted: February 21st, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: My Thoughts, Spirituality | 1 Comment »

My wife and I have worked hard for just over a year to get out of debt.  In that time we have paid off our van, a consolidation loan, and some other small items.  We had gotten into a mess of debt, and were just sick of it.  I took a second job and my wife started teaching Zumba classes.

I cannot count how many nights I hated driving pizzas around, and saying good night to my kids over the phone, the days I came home for an hour or less from one job, only to leave for the next.  I put around 13000 miles on our van and worked many 16 hour days, just to be rid of these ridiculous obligations we had gotten into.  Much sweat, and some tears, and the end is in site.

I cannot help but think about how the price was worth it, and then I think about my Savior, Jesus, and the price He paid for my freedom.  I am happy to be free of some bills, but so much more to be free of the bondage of sin.  It cost Jesus his life to pay my debt.  Thank you! He did it willingly, knowing what the cost would be, knowing that billions would reject the gift of eternal life.

God, help me to not treat the sacrifice of your Son lightly, and help me to show others the love you have shown me.

  • Bill Taylor

    Amen, brother. Thank you Jesus.