Take a Moment

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My kids have been testy and stubborn lately, and I just feel like I’m riding them constantly. Whether it’s their chores, their school work, or just getting along, they want to do it in their time, on their terms.

They get it from me, I know it. Anyhow, I found this poem today, and it really encouraged me. It’s by Denis Waitley, a personal success guy:

Take a Moment

Take a moment to listen today
to what your children are trying to say,
Listen to them, whatever you do
or they won’t be there to listen to you.

Listen to their problems, listen to their needs
Praise their smallest triumphs, praise their littlest deeds;
Tolerate their chatter, amplify their laughter,
Find out what’s the matter, find out what they’re after.

If we tell our children all the bad in them we see,
They’ll grow up exactly how we hoped they’d never be;
But if we tell our children we’re so proud to wear their name,
They’ll grow up believing that they’re winners in the game.

So tell them that you love them every single night;
And though you scold them make sure you hold them
and tell them they’re all right, “Good night, happy dreams,
Tomorrow’s looking bright.”

Take a moment to listen today to what
your children are trying to say
Listen to them whatever you do, and
They’ll be there to listen to you.

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