Review: Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters

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Christian_Wisdom_of_Jedi_MastersMy children and I are huge Star Wars fans.  I saw this title by Dick Staub recently on Amazon, and had to get it.  Who can resist the parralels between the the world of George Lucas and Christianity, right?

Mr. Staub parallels the Christian walk to many of the truths brought out in the works of George Lucas, answering the questions, “Where are the Jedi Master type of Christians today? And how do I become one?”

One of the biggest truths I got from the book is mentoring.  One does not become a Jedi alone, but by being taken as a padawan (apprentice) of a Jedi Master.  In today’s Christianity, I see very little of this mentoring.  It seems (unfortunately) the younger generation throws out a lot of the older generation’s input under the “not relevant” tag, forgetting how much wisdom can be attained from their guidance.

I enjoyed the writing style which was pretty down to earth, relating a great deal to today’s culture by pulling parallels to the truths with pop culture.

If you’re a friend, you can borrow my copy.  If not, go get a copy.