Islam is NOT a religion of peace

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I ran across this news item a few days ago at at Reuters: Random House pulls novel on Islam, fears violence. It really got me thinking. You can click through and read the article, but here is a snapshot.

Shery Jones wrote a novel titled, “The Jewel of Medina” a story of A’isha, a girl who was engaged to Mohammed, at age six. Now, while I do not posses much knowledge of the Islamic faith, I find it hard to believe that their claim of being a religion of peace is legitimate.

See, Random House, who was scheduled to release this book on August 12, pulled the book at the last minute with this comment,

“cautionary advice not only that the publication of this book might be offensive to some in the Muslim community, but also that it could incite acts of violence by a small, radical segment.”

“In this instance we decided, after much deliberation, to postpone publication for the safety of the author, employees of Random House, booksellers and anyone else who would be involved in distribution and sale of the novel,” Perry said.

What the?! Are you kidding me? Every book is offensive to someone. Basically Random House is afraid of a violent reaction to the book. Why? Because the threat is legitimate.

While there are millions, maybe billions of Muslims who could care less about this book being published, there is still the fact that history shows certain Muslims react violently to everything the deem offensive. see the Danish cartoon incident, the riots in Paris in 2005, numerous acts of violence against people of other faiths in Pakistan, as well as Nigeria.

My question is, if Islam is truly a religion of peace, where are the Muslims who are denouncing this violent behavior? Who are the clerics that are standing up and saying, “These guys are nuts! We have nothing to do with them!” Where are the American “peaceful” Muslims denouncing Hezbollah? I don’t see any.

Believe me, Christianity has had its share of crazies: I.e. , Jim Jones, David Koresh, a few hundred years in the Middle Age, early American . The difference is that the entirety of Christendom denounces the acts of these people. The moment a leader or faction does something off-base, there are plenty of other leaders and organizations calling them off-base fanatics.

Islam a religion of peace?

Islam a religion of peace?

The Muslim world however seems to sit by and silently watch. In approval? Or are their own believers afraid of the fanatics too? The silence is almost deafening.

My dad used to say, “If you’re out with your friends, and their getting into trouble (mischief), if you don’t leave or stand up to them, you are just as guilty.” And that is what I say to the Muslims; your silence is your stamp of approval.

Islam a religion of peace? I think not.

- mooney