10 Uncommon Insights Into Evil from Lord of the Rings

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Some guys just know how to say it. Peter Kreeft, a professor of philosophy at Boston College and King’s College, is one of them.  I loved The Lord of the Rings, and here is a insight from Kreeft that I hope you will enjoy. The top link is to the audio, and I have included the time stamps for the different sections.

10 Uncommon Insights Into Evil from Lord of the Rings

10 Uncommon Insights Into EvilAudio icon
Introduction (0:00)
1. Evil is Real (6:37)
2. Evil is Immortal (12:03)
3. Evil is Obvious (17:09)
4. Knowledge is Not Always Good (18:53)
5. Evil Defeats Itself (21:59)
6. Evil is Used for Good (25:28)
7. The Weapon of Sacrifice (29:01)
8. The Weapon of Humility (35:05)
9. The Weapon of Friendship (35:55)
10. The Weapon of Words (38:50)
Questions (43:11)

Lord of the Rings

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We had Christmas at my parent’s house today as they were at my brother’s in Alabama for the actual day. I have long wanted to read the Lord of the Rings trilogy and that is now a possibility. My brother and Dad went in together and got me the 50th Anniversary edition Lord of the Rings.

Wow! What an amazing book. I estimate it takes me a year or two to get through the 1100 plus pages of this monster.


Lord of the Rings 50th Anniversary