Homosexual Ads: Pushing a product or an agenda?

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If you read this blog regularly, you know that I am a Christian; if this is your first time, now you know. Today I opened my Inbox to find an email with an Ad for Heinz Deli Mayo. (The email is from the AFA which I subscribe to.) The email was titled: Heinz ad pushes gay marriage and family, features homosexual kissing. You can watch the ad if you like:

I can’t help but ask myself the question, “What is the purpose of this ad? Is Heinz pushing a product, or an agenda?” To answer this question, I also had to ask, “Would this have the same impact if it were made with a hetro couple?” The only conclusion is that they are making a public statement in their support for the gay family. (You can read how I feel about this lifestyle in a previous post)

Whether you support homosexuality as a corporation or not, I guess that is for the Board and stockholders to vote on. Some people will boycott Heinz, myself NOT included, and email them about how outrageous it is to show this on TV. But let’s face it, we live in a world of diverse opinion and moral belief. It’s going to happen. Heinz has since pulled the ad, but I think with a little more discretion, they could have gotten their point across and kept the commercial in circulation. I think had they clipped the kiss at the end, everyone would have gotten the idea.

Is this where advertising is going? Will the next decade be consumed with political and moral statements made with a quick reference to the product? I don’t think so, but if companies continue in this, my advise is to use a little more discretion. Homosexuals don’t like being told they are wrong any more than Christians like being told they are. So in the name of the “tolerance” that the liberal media seems to glorify as their position, try to be a little more tolerant of those who believe opposite your view. Don’t throw kissing men in my face, and I’ll try not to throw a Bible in yours.

- mooney