Please don’t send China “our gospel”

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I heard an ad on the radio the other day that bothered me, and I can’t get it out of my my mind.  Maybe writing it out will be good therapy for me.  Maybe I’m off base a little on it, but it irritates me none the less.

The ad was more a fund raising promo.   The radio station was raising funds to build a church in China.  Now, at first, this sounded like a great idea to me.   Their culture seems to me to be less financially able to support a large church building project, so why not send a few bucks their way to help them out, right?   I guess I’m not very educated on what the government of China allows as far as open Christian worship, but apparently they don’t have a problem with the church this group is trying to put up.

The radio host threw some numbers out like “10,000 people come to know Christ EVERY DAY in  China, won’t you help provide a place of worship for them?”

Give me a break!  If they are truly having that many converts every day, why mess it up by sending them “our gospel”?   Obviously they are doing something right.  Last I heard, the church in China was underground and under severe persecution.  Sounds a lot like the New Testament church to me.

Why send them “our gospel” of big churches with big budgets?  It doesn’t appear to me to be very affective in our culture.  Something deep inside me screams, “Don’t do it! Don’t ruin what they have by injecting them with what we have. We should be learning from them!”

I’m not blasting people with big, beautiful churches; after all, many of the temples were extravagant places of worship.  Just let’s not be so eager to say we can improve on what they are doing.  Let’s not try to make them like us.  Instead encourage them in their race to be like Jesus, even if they way they get there looks a little different than how we are.

Peace and God bless,

- chris mooney