Review: Night of the Living Dead Christian by Matt Mikalatos

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We’ve all watched monster movies and later that night held the covers close while sleeping with one eye open, hoping the beasts of the night will find other prey to appease their appetites.  In “Night of the Living Dead Christian,” Matt Mikalatos stumbles upon a mad scientist and some monsters during his neighborhood watch.  The ensuing comical mayhem results in Matt helping his neighbor Luther, a werewolf, find a cure for his lycanthropy before he is killed by Borut the monster hunter.

Mikalatos spins an incredible allegory as the unlikely gaggle of heroes battle various monsters and make allies en route to discovering there’s a monster in all of us.

Now, there are those who will see the words werewolf, zombie, and vampire and dismiss this title completely.  To those I say “a spoonful of brains helps the medicine go down.”  Sometimes the only way to confront the difficult questions in our lives is to see them from a different perspective, and that is what Matt Mikalatos offers in “Night of the Living Dead Christian.”  It’s a light hearted delivery system to some heavy-handed self reflection.

The end of the book has a couple of great features including a glossary of monsters and a Q&A with Mikalatos.

I highly recommend “Night of the Living Dead Christian.” I put his writing in the Jon Acuff section of “makes me laugh until I hurt, and it hurts most because he’s talking about me.” This is my first encounter with Matt Mikalatos’s writing, and it’s impressed me enough to warrant me buying his previous title, “Imaginary Jesus,” in which he is also a main character on a mission to find the real Jesus.

Here is Matt and his take on “Night of the Living Dead Christian.”

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  • Bethany

    I really want to read this book now!! Great review :) Love ya! <3

  • Christian Fahey

    Fascinating theme for a book, Moon. For me, scariest monster movie (I don’t like horror!) was the original “Nightmare on Elm Street.” Freddy Kreuger’s mayhem really frightened and creeped me out.

  • C.R. Mooney

    Beth: Love you too babe!

    Christian: Awesome! And to think he was just a dream…. right?

  • Kirk

    Um……..I actually always hated monster movies! They scared me, so I don’t have one. Honestly – lol.

  • Amy

    OK now I want to read this book. I love how he defines werewolves, zombies and vampires in the light of what they are “monsters” rather then romanticizing them. As for what monster movie I like, um “Monsters Inc” ;) Actually I’ve only seen a few and I really don’t like them. Excellent review as always can’t wait to read it for myself. Btw love Jonathan Scuffs book too!!

  • C.R. Mooney

    Kirk:lol, I’ll take that as an entry, thanks for stopping in

    Amy: A cartoon? hehe. Thanks for commenting!

  • Julie

    IF is have seen a horror movie, it is behind my two hands! I might have a hard time relating to him as he compares themes etc, but I can see this book might be a great read for someone who is challenged and ‘geeked’ by horror films and I love that he says it is not a scary book but an insightful book—Jesus is so amazing—-He can use ZOMBIES to crack the mask we wear! Well done CRM!

  • Tom Brennan

    I don’t have a monster movie that scared me, as I realized that they were usually just men in leotards and a rubber head. People are what scare me most. Jack Nicholson in “The Shining” was absolutely chilling because he was so nuts and so believable. The other really disturbing “monster” was Heath Ledger’s Joker in the Dark Knight. Really upsetting portrayal of a twisted mind in a human being. This seems to be the theme of Mikalatos’ book, however. Monsters can be dispatched with wooden stakes or silver bullets. People are not so easily labelled as monsters, and killing them is not an option. So, they walk among us……….

  • Susan

    Hey, Chris. I was all set to reject this book (and your review) just because of the title – but having read your review, I think I would like to read the book. Been trying to look at different things from different perspectives – get out of the old comfort zone at least a little bit. I haven’t watched too many monster movies lately (though I “ate” a steady diet of them back years ago, on Saturday Monster Movie Matinee on TV) – and honestly, the one I found the scariest, at least the first time I saw it, was not even a monster movie. Lord of the Rings, believe it or not – the Balrog in the 1st movie kept me from watching it for a few years – too demonic for words – and Shelob in #3 – can’t stand spiders in the first place, and the bigger they are, the worse I get.

  • Deborah mooney

    the scariest monster movie i ever watched was,the War of the World when I was young set me back for many years always looking under the bed ,behind things,HMMMM was not life goes,love you son

  • C.R. Mooney

    Julie: Thanks! One thing I learned from the zombies is that undead is not the same as being alive.

    Tom: Jack’s intense in that one, for sure. Wouldn’t want him around the neighborhood.

    Sue: “I was all set to reject this book (and your review) just because of the title – but having read your review, I think I would like to read the book.” == That is the best compliment ever, thank you. and yeah, movie makers have great imaginations. Beth refuses to watch LOTR.

    Mom: The original was a thousand times better than the newer Tom Cruise crapola. The radio show is haunting!

  • Sue Clement

    Sorry, but I can’t think of a scary movie that actually scared me… but I did share on my facebook page….

  • heather favret

    I really haven’t watched many monster movies that scared me. I find them too unrealistic to be scary. The movie “Panic Room” freaked me out though. The thought of being trapped in one’s own home, scary. When I was a kid and Charlie Phillips (sr) pulled out my first loose tooth, and the tooth fairy was going to come take my old tooth, now that was scary! Plus we didn’t have TV when I was a kid (too evil). I am more likely to find a book scary, there are no special effects flaws in the picture my imagination paints when I read. “The Monster” by Peretti was super good and I always get chills when I read his books!

  • C.R. Mooney

    Sue: Not one? ouch, lol

    Heather: Monster was great! Sasquatch counts as a monster, and he’s been in some movies, so I’ll take it. and thanks for the facebook share!

  • Nate

    “It” by Stephen King. Just thinking about that movie makes my skin crawl. Especially Pennywise the clown. Clowns are creepy to begin with but Pennywise is a whole other level.

    I agree with Tom too. Movies with people that are believable are far more frightening than most other monster movies. Fact is scarier than fiction.

    Em picked Descent. Not looking for a second pick here just thought I would add her thought to the discussion.

    Great post mooney.

  • C.R. Mooney

    Nate! You just slid that in before midnight. I agree with you on It. Beth says, “Hello b b b b b b billy booooy!”

    Em: I’m not familiar with that one.

  • Matt M.

    I haven’t read any of the other posts, so if this is a repeat it only gives the monster more clout.
    My personal favorite is “It” from Stephen Kings movie “It”. a clown that lives off of eating kids, that in the end is a giant turantula! are you kidding me? I have never thought of toys being washed down a storm drain the same again. all he wanted was his sailboat, but no – there bad to be this sick clown in there that ate him!

    well, time to get some sleep! sweet dreams!

  • C.R. Mooney

    haha ,awesome! Nate mentioned “It.” Truly a classic! Thanks for stopping in!

  • C.R. Mooney

    and the winner is…….


    Congratulations! I will be contacting you.

  • Matt Mikalatos

    Chris, thanks for the great review and I’m glad you enjoyed Night of the Living Dead Christian! I came a little late to share a movie that scared me, but I’ve always been creeped out by wolves, even when I was a kid. Stupid fairy tales.

  • C.R. Mooney

    Thanks for stopping by Matt! I agree with the wolves. My scariest movie growing up was American Werewolf in London, and the handful of movies set in the middle of nowhere where the family was trapped in a cabin and the wolf with a scar on his eye was trying to get in.. Didn’t sleep well for weeks.

  • tom

    This thing was rigged. I feel so used. Cheap. Taken advantage of. *sniff*