Night Lights

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If you have kids who are afraid of the dark or have ever been yourself, you know it’s no small matter. There’s just something that happens in the imagination when the lights go out.

Snakes hiss through the fan, ghosts play behind the curtains in the breeze. Any cold air seeping under the blanket becomes a slimy tentacle determined to pull you under, every flickering shadow a night terror.

There is one thing though that can extinguish even the most rampant imagination; the night light.

As the dad of six kids ranging from in-the-womb to eleven, I see these little wonders calm a child in a way I never can. Why? Because no matter how many words I use to tell them that the doors are locked and assure them of their safety, it’s nothing compared to the fear that five-watt light vanquishes on a nightly basis.

I think the world is like that child.

We walk around in this world and it’s full of darkness, and it makes us afraid. Storms blow and beat us to our knees. The pressures of life seep in and pull us down until we’re drowning in despair. Circumstances in life get magnified by that darkness to appear to be more than we can bear. All the while the boogie man is at the door.

Sometimes I feel that I have to be some great and powerful light, that I have to do some marvelous Christian work in order to reach the world with God’s love. But it’s just not true. Because even a faith as tiny as a night light can have an incredible effect.

God walks across the room and plugs a little light into the wall. His love and power flow through us, no matter how small that seems. And he uses that humble light to illuminate everything around us so the world doesn’t have to be afraid. Their hissing snakes fade into soothing white noise. Their curtain ghosts are transformed into a barricade protecting them from the outside distractions. The cool air seeping into their blankets a refreshing wind that relieves them of heat and exhaustion. The looming shadows and night terrors wilt into play things that instead are used for their good.

Yes, we are to be like a night light to the world, giving his love to others like a beacon that extinguishes their darkness. And it doesn’t take much light to fill a room. A simple five-watt night light will do just fine.

And that gives me hope.

  • Nathan R.

    Great post and analogy. I can relate having small children and also feeling small in this scary world.

    ps. You’re missing the word “light” in this sentence: “…faith as tiny as a night can …”

  • C.R. Mooney

    Thanks for the comment and the edit. This hit me last night when my daughter couldn’t find her night light that had been misplaced.