My Problem

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So, I have been on my laptop writing for awhile tonight and my wife Beth is on the couch watching American Idol and asks, “How’s your writing going?

“I wrote a post for the blog, but didn’t like it, so I deleted it.”

“I thought you were working on your book.”

“Nope, I was writing a post about writing my book, but I thought it was crap, so I deleted it.”

“Baby, why’d you do that? You just wasted all that time (by deleting it), and it was probably great. That’s the problem you know. You critique everything to death and then you end up not doing anything.”

Wow, spot on babe. Really.

Thinking about it now, the blog post was probably OK. It was about 450 words of inspiration and motivation sweetly sewn together with metaphor. But she was right. And I encourage you not to think your way out of your dreams. Don’t over analyze until you make your dream into some impossible quest.

As for me? This post is done, and I’m going to work on the novel now.

  • bethany

    Baby you are amazing!! And your writing is equally amazing!! God has given you such a gift and the coolest part is that He gifted you with something you absolutely love doing :) So yes stop over analyzing and go get you dream!! The dream He gave you to do great amazing earth shaking things!!! You Rock baby and I am the luckiest wife ever!!! Muah!! Xoxoxoxo
    <3 love you!!!! ;)
    Btw…I sooo sad it in a nicer way than u quoted!!! Haha :)

  • Christian Fahey

    Beth’s right, Moon. Don’t overanalyze, just write. You DO have something to say!