Here is a short list of Christian links.  These are a few sites that offer audio, video, and other content free of charge (“Freely you have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8) ~ Jesus of Nazareth).  I cannot express how these messages have impacted me.  In Romans, Paul tells us that we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  One way I do this is to listen to the Word when I cannot be reading or studying it.

I have tried to break these down into categories based on delivery method.  where possible, I have linked not only to the website, but directly to the content I found most impactful.

Please, PLEASE leave any thoughts, or send me links to content you think I should add.

- mooney


List of online Bibles and study resources:

Bible Gateway

Blue Letter Bible


Bible Study Tools


List of Free Sermon Sources:

Sermon Audio

Sermon Central

Sermon Index

Fervent Spirit


Share the Gospel!:

Don SunshineMake A Difference (Audio)

Pocket Testament League

The Way of the Master

Hell’s best Kept Secret (Video)

Effective Evangelism


List of Compilations/Mash-ups/Sermon Jams (these are pieces of teachings, sometimes edited to include music, and often with multiple speakers on one topic.  They are generally shorter than sermons.)

Fire on the Altar – This is an amazing site whose audio has greatly influenced me.

At Sermon Index

Fervent Spirit – Compilations

Holy Desperation


List of Favorite Speakers:

Google these guys and listen to any message you can find.  As always, take what you hear to the Bible and make sure of what they are saying.  Pray about what they are saying.  By clicking their names, it will take you to what I found to be the best resource for them.

T. Austin-Sparks

Francis Chan

Carter Conlon

Jentezen Franklin

Art Katz

John Piper

Leonard Ravenhill

Paris Reidhead

C.H. Spurgeon

Andrew Strom

Damon Thompson

A.W. Tozer

Jason Upton

Paul Washer

David Wilkerson

Anthony Wynn

Ravi Zacharias