Jail time if you don’t buy health insurance?

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I listen to a lot of AM radio.  Tonight a caller on one of the shows called in and asked if  “Obamacare” passed, would people be arrested for not purchasing a plan.  And if it did,  wouldn’t this allow sick individuals to refuse to buy a plan, so that they could be arrested and receive “free” care in jail?  Or committing a crime for the same purpose?  At this point, not only would they be receiving free care, but also housing and food.

Wow, I never thought of that.  What are your thoughts?

For me, there really isn’t much good that I can see happening if this plan is passed.  People think this will give them health care, but it won’t.  There is no public option. It only makes it so companies have to offer insurance to everyone, and make certain coverages mandatory.  You will still be buying insurance.  Those who cannot afford it now, will most likely still not be able to afford insurance after the bill is passed.  I.e., if you are currently barely able to make your bills every month, and do not have insurance, no matter how cheap they make it, it’s not affordable.  And there is no such thing as free, because if it is free for you, someone else is footing the bill.

Why won’t they come out and tell us everything that is in this bill?