If you could ask God one question…

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I like questions, they’re intriguing; and I like to hear other people’s questions.  Today I was thinking, “What would I ask God if I could ask him one question?”

Mine: “Why can’t angels be redeemed?”

Also, I asked my kids, here are theirs:

Laila-9: “How long will I live?”

Jaivin-7: “Are their aliens?”

Kaiden-6:  “Can I be your best friend?”

Alaina-4: “How do you make people?”

Lillee-2: “Can I have a baby in my tummy?”


What’s your question?


  • Sue Clement

    Awwww to think as a child – to have those simple thougths in our hearts now. Hmmmm it is really hard to choose…. I have SOOOO many for Him. sorry thought I was ready – but guess I need to give it some serious thought….

  • Jim Clement

    Lord, Why don’t You send Your Holy Spirit down in power when we gather together to convince us of how much You love us, So that we can love one another like YOU love us. Then the world can know that your Father sent you.

  • Bill

    Great questions! This is a good post moon. I gave this some thought and as you mentioned asking to have more questions doesn’t count. lol. If I was in the presence of the Lord I guess I would ask for a walk in the garden (leaves opportunity for more questions, ha!) I would ask questions regarding his existence, is he happy with his creations in the known universe, how many dimensions of creation exist outside the physical and spiritual, what inspires his ideas, the list goes on… Oh! and Black Holes, I know they’re powering something but what? Alright I’m done…

    I like yours Chris, good food for thought.

  • Christian Fahey

    Why was I spared death as an infant?

  • http://www.crmooney.com C.R. Mooney

    great questions!