Happy Father’s Day to the Almost Deadbeat Dads!

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Happy Father’s Day to the Almost Deadbeat Dads!

Thanks taking time for your kid’s even when it’s not convenient for you. Yeah you could have been off making a few more bucks, closing another deal, taking another class, or climbing the corporate ladder. Instead you show up to your kids baseball games which shows them, “You’re worth more than all that crap. I love you.”

Thanks for making time for your kid’s even when you could have had the time to yourself. You could have gone Buffalo Wild Wings with your crew to watch the Yankees vs the Red Sox, but instead you took your boys.

Thanks for not coming home from work and just zoning out in the Lazy-Boy until the kids go to bed.

Thanks for teaching your kids how to love and respect their mom by the way you do. It’s easy to yell and scream, but you choose not to.

Thanks for talking to your kids about the hard things like smoking, sex, and drugs instead of being lazy and leaving it up to their “friends” to pass on their experiences.

Thank you for sticking around when you had the chance to run. For not calling it quits when you were younger and all of your friends said, “Dude! You’re too young for the married with kids crap. Come and party it up with us. Think of all the women you could have.” You could have bolted on your family then, but you didn’t. You said, “My wife is all the woman I need, and I party with my kids and don’t regret it the next day.”

Thanks for not having that affair with the lady from work or your wife’s friend even when the opportunity presented itself. For keeping your emotions in check and knowing when to draw the line and back off of what you knew was heading down the wrong road. For making your wife and kids the priority.

Thanks for all of the times you could have walked out on your family and didn’t. For taking your responsibilities like a man. Thanks for not leaving. For all the times you were almost a deadbeat dad, but chose not to be.

Thanks for not leaving behind a legacy like this: