Review: God is Dead

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I like to read a lot of different types of books, and if you know me at all, I like things a bit controversial. When I heard an interview with Ronald Currie Jr, the author of God is Dead, on the Penguin publisher’s podcast, I had to get a copy of the book. Instead of receiving the hardcover I thought I had purchased, I instead received a soft cover ARC. Oh, well.

The premise of God is Dead is that God comes to earth as a Dinka woman and dies when an African village is attacked. When the world finds out, well you can guess a few things that might happen. Preachers turn to drunks, many people just go nuts with nothing left to believe in or live for. The absence of a deity leaves a void and people begin to worship their kids, and others go off the Darwinian “survival of the fittest” deep-end.

God is Dead held my attention quite well and I will have to say that Ron is very talented in description. Since I didn’t receive the Hardcover edition for the eBay store I cannot comment on flow or editing, since they might have changed in the final edition. Something I found intriguing was that several chapters were written in the first person, from different characters. Also, Ron’s political persuasions are littered throughout, and while his thoughts are his own, and this is a work of fiction, Gen. Colin Powell would probably not care for the first chapter or two.

Being a believer in Jesus Christ as Messiah, I was not sure how I would react to a book where God died in it. In the end I came upon an interesting conclusion that surprised me. Life without God, like this book, does not resolve. Without God, there is no hope, no joy, and point to this life other than living, multiplying, and dying.

I give God is Dead three stars out of five.


- mooney

  • Fact Idiot

    Sweetheart, your temporarily lost! I understand that Ive been there before myself, but the reality is that he and Jesus are very much alive. Can your sole afford to not have his insurance policy?
    PS: see my article “What really to believe”

  • Fact Idiot

    See my article titled “What really to believe” here;

  • Fact Idiot

    To say that “God is dead” is strange, I mean did you go to the funeral? how can anybody say that like it was a fact?
    Maby God is dead for you personally which means that since you have “chosen” to not to believe in him or ask him to reveal himself to you through the holy spirit does not mean that he does not live with the rest of the 33% (Christians) of the world population, right?
    Heres food for thought, If 33% of your neighbourhood (world population of christians) was telling you that you can buy cheap gas at 20 cents a gallon at a particular service station, would you believe them?, of course you would but if you cant find your way to that particular gas station then does that mean that it doesent exist,of course not, right? So youre naighbourhood must be right so all you have to do is “find” a way yoursef if you are truly serious in your search to find that gas station, right?

  • Bethany

    hey baby,
    thanks for the great book review! Very interesting.
    Where would we be without our Father in Heaven!?
    It kind of hard to even imagine!
    No hope, No joy, no meaning for life!??!?!?!?
    Wow! we are so blessed to have our Father to lean on for all these things, and for us Christians life never has to include these things! Praise God!! :o )
    Love ya,
    your wife!! :o )

    ~WOW!! People should really read the article before commenting on it….hint~~”fact idiot”~~ What a harsh jump to a conclusion!! WOW!!

  • baddogmooney

    Fact – Thanks for the comments, but it doesn’t look like you read the post at all. You bring up some good points though.

    Beth – Love you and thanks for stopping by!

  • Jason Clement

    Interesting. Most people would just “judge this book by its cover” and not pick it up, when in fact the moral turns out to be that without Christ, we ain’t nothing!

  • Fact Idiot

    Hey Beth – you got my attention now so what do you mean “your wife”? tell me more!

    Factidiot – ;)

  • Bethany

    Baby~I love you too! :o )

    Factidiot~ What!?!?! What I meant by my comment was…you should have read his article before jumping to the harsh conclusion that you made! Chris(mooney) clearly DOES NOT think God is Dead! It is the name of the book he is reviewing! And as for the “your wife” comment I was signing my message to my husband…mooney, from his wife…me! :o )
    God Bless!

  • Chris

    me thinks Fact Idiot was really confused :)

    Good post mooney. Not sure I would read such a book, but nice post anyway LOL

  • Factidiot

    Thats what i thought Beth, lol I’m glad we got that straight and besides It could have not worked since I’m straight!! lol :O

  • Braydenax

    omg.. good work, man