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On July 8, Christopher Hopper posted a blog (here) about a company he found at Creation Fest.  First attracted by their merchandising table, he soon found that by spending a few bucks on an awesome watch and a hoodie, that he helped to feed 400 kids.  See, Hello Somebody is a non-profit whose mission if to feed the hungry.  So far they’ve helped the people of Honduras, Haiti, Pakistan, Mexico and Japan.

Inspired by Christopher’s blog, I decided to make Hello Somebody the recipient of my blog earnings for the month of August (more about giving through my blog here). The total earned was $31.84, so today I made a donation of $32 to Hello Somebody.  It doesn’t sound like much, but Cat (the kind lady who took my money), informed me that the donation would provide about one hundred meals.  That’s right, one hundred people will have something to eat because people clicked through the Amazon book links on my measly blog and bought something.

So a big thank you from me to those of you that helped me to give!

See, it doesn’t take something huge to make a difference. A lot of people giving even a little can make a huge difference in the life of another person.  I’m sure Cat and the people would love even a donation of $5.  Here is their story, and if God moves on your heart to give, please click the logo at the beginning of the post (or here) and give what you can.

The Hello Somebody Story from Hello Somebody on Vimeo.


  • Bethany

    so so very proud of you and all you do! this is awesome! Love you! :)