Friendship Never Leaves – A Short Story by My Daughter Laila

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I enjoy writing, it turns out my nine year old daughter does too. Here is a short story she wrote this weekend.

Friendship Never Leaves

by Laila Mooney

There once were two girls who were best best BEST friends. Their names were Tracie and Amber. They were playing kick the leaves when Tracie’s mother called her inside.

Tracie said, “Yes Mother!” and immediately went inside.

Amber curious about what was going on was about to get up and go inside when Tracie came out crying. Tracie ran over and gave Amber a big hug and choked up the words, “I’m moving!”

Amber thinking of another town said, “Where?”

Tracie calmed down because of Amber’s hug and said, “California!”

They lived in Pennsylvania so this was a big move.

When the words came out of Tracie’s mouth, Amber was so shocked she just couldn’t hold back tears. She asked, “How can I live without my best friend?”

They stood outside sobbing in each other’s arms for what felt like hours, even though it was only a few minutes. Then Amber’s mom came to pick her up. Surprised by the crying she asked what was wrong.

Amber spilled the bad news.

“I just don’t understand why she has to move!” she said. “I mean, I’d be okay if it was another town but California? I mean that’s just crazy!”

Amber’s mom said, “I understand that it’s shocking news Amber but remember, no matter where she is she will always be in your heart, and so are all of your memories”.

Amber looked at her mom and said, “You’re right Mom. She will always be in my heart”.

Later that week at the moving away party, Amber came over to Tracie and said, “My mom reminded me the other day that you will always be in my heart and I will always be in yours.”

Tracie, holding back tears said, “Thank you. You just reminded me.”


  • bethany

    LOVE her and this story! :) Good Job Laila :)

  • Grama

    Laila that was very nice story ,it really moved my heart.With all the moving around i have done in my life I had no real best friend,to call my own,maybe some day soon God will bring one my way, a girl friend hmmmm,one that likes to do the things i like to do.You no like hiking,swimming,biking etc.well great job to you.Love you girl Grama

  • alita

    i love the story!You should
    be a writer someday.

  • Laila

    Mommy- thank you :)
    Grama- Thank you….i hope you find a best friend soon! :)
    Alita~ Thank you :) Maybe i could be a writer :) Miss you!!! :)

    Thank you everyone else for reading my story :)


  • Christian Fahey

    Beautiful story, Laila!! It touched my heart. Keep writing. Love, Christian

  • Laila

    Thank you very much Mr. Christian! :)

  • heather favret

    Wow! What a lovely story, and what truth! I am thankful that is how the very best of friends really are. I may be the one moved to Cali, but I hold my NY friends in my heart, and I know I am in theirs. Keep writing Laila! I think you must be reading far beyond your age group, because your writing is impeccible!

  • Laila

    Thank you Miss Heather :) And yes i do read far beyond my age group. :D