Finish This Race

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Oh God! I’ve done it again. I thought I was clean, but I’m clothed in sin.

This battle that I fight with all my might, all the while trying to keep You in sight.

The things I want to do I don’t, and what You require of me I won’t.

Every night it brings another tear. If only my cries You would hear.

My prayers bounce off walls like brass, instead of streets of gold I’m walking on broken glass.

I know You can, I know You do, somehow I want to believe it’s all up to You.

It’s Your time, Your pace, yet You require me to finish this race.

I’ve seen the Footprints in the sand, the times You’ve taken my hand,

The trials You walk me through to make me a better man.

“You carry me,” say the words on the plaque,

Then why am I walking through this trial instead of riding on Your back.

The sores are on my feet, the blisters on my hands,

If I’m truly Your son, then where’s the promised Land?

I slip, I fall, but still my name I hear You call.

And I want too, I need too, climb to where You are,

But just when You’re within reach You raise the bar.

You beckon and plead, “Surrender your will so I can meet Your need.

I will plant inside you the incorruptible seed.”

Yet my will I won’t concede.

Because I’m my own. I’m grown, reaping the seeds I’ve sown.

I’ve spit in Your face, taken what was holy and made it a disgrace.

But You’re ever relentless in Your pursuit of me,

And Your Word says it’s when I’m weak You’re mighty.

Only Your children receive the rod of correction.

And so You break my will, my strength, my mind,

So that to all else but You I’m blind.

So I need You to hold me and never let me go,

Because I’m prone to wander, to leave this faith I know.

Show me mercy, wisdom and guide me in truth,

Grant me the boldness to proclaim my love for You.

Teach me to have open hands to give what I’ve received,

Let my love for my enemies be the evidence that I believe.

That at the my end You may say, “Well done.”

Let it not be my glory I seek, but to be like Your Son.