Expectancy vs Expectation

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My thought for today is a quote from Mark Buchanan’s book Your God is Too Safe (p149-50). “Our lives should be lived with expectancy. Not necessarily with expectation, because expectation tends to dictate terms. The Pharisees lived with expectation and rejected Christ when He did not the rigid narrowness of their expectations.

Often I wonder if we, waiting for Christ’s return, do it more with expectation than expectancy. Expectancy is the belief that God will do something. Expectation insists He do it in just this way. Sometimes expectation blinds us more to the God who is here right now than outright disbelief does.

The Pharisees couldn’t see Jesus for looking. Or those two disciples on the road to Emmaus: There they are, bemoaning the absence of the very one who’s present with them. What made them deaf and blind? Expectations: ‘We had hoped that He was the one who was going to redeem Israel’ (Luke 24:21). But that ‘hope’ took a form that shut out surprises, like crosses and resurrection and a deeper redemption.”

- God, help me to not place you in a box and limit the ways that you can move in my life. Help me to see that Your ways are higher than mine. I expect you to grow me and show me Your will, but not with the preconceived idea of what that might be.

  • Brian Corcoran

    One thing for sure, Jesus spoke of a “blessing” and a “warning” concerning his return, The “blessing” is for those that are watching. (Mark 13 & Luke 12)

    I wonder, in these last days (I believe we are in), are we watching for Christ’s return, or are we too busy with our lives, our dreams, our futures, our life styles, establishing ourselves in America?

    When is the last time we actually heard a message on Christ returning?

    A question I have is: How are we watching for His return as a body of believers?

  • http://www.crmooney.com C.R. Mooney

    Oh wow. I think this is one place I have failed. The good news is more than “Jesus took our punishment and appeased God’s wrath toward us.” It’s “He’s coming back.”

    Thanks for the reminder.