Charitable Causes Needed

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Hey all, you may or may not be aware, but this blog makes money.  It’s not anything to write home about, maybe a dollar or two a day, but it’s enough to make a difference. I give the money my blogs make to a different charitable cause each month, and well, I need ideas.

I need a years worth of organizations to give this money too. It’s not much, but every little bit helps, right? Just think, by recommending a charity, you are giving without opening your checkbook!

So, leave an idea in the comments with a link to their website, and maybe a brief explanation of what they do (drill water wells in Africa, build orphanages, feed the hungry, etc) and I will take them into consideration.

You can see where I have already given by visiting my Giving page.

  • Sam

    PRC-Pregnancy Resource Centers of the Greater Portland Metro area are always in need of funds.

    They would be an exceptionally worthy organization to give to. Every year I participate in fundraising for them, and we’ve actually taken friends of the family to use their services.

    They provide free ultra-sounds, parenting classes, maternity clothes, post abortion counseling, and maaaany other services, all for free. As well as having Registered Nurses doing all the ultrasounds.

  • steph

    TI saw your post on ch’s blog and thought I’d at least make a suggestion on who to donate to :) I used to live in Buffalo and became friends with Kate Vacanti. She and her husband started a non profit to provide clean water in Africa. They are amazing people and it is an amazing organization. Their facebook page is here:!/profile.php?id=302264456918&__user=518850354

    I also met a girl named Jaclyn Corrigan. She and her
    husband recently started a non profit called Kawelle. They provide school supplies to distressed areas in Liberia and Kenya. Their website is

  • Jen

    rofit. River Hospital is in Alex Bay and is not for profit. You can contact the foundation for ideas, 315-482-4976. You can decide how you would like the funds used as well!

  • C.R. Mooney

    Sam, Steph, and Jen thanks for your suggestions. Every month I give the money from my blog to a different cause, and all of these sound great! Thanks so much for your thoughts. You can see where money has all ready been given by checking out my “Giving” page:

  • Nathan R.


    I also recommend a water project. A good friend of mine runs this non-profit in Uganda.

    Thanks for giving.

  • steph

    Very neat idea, and you get to be a part of some really neat ministries! Praying that God blesses you tenfold for your faithfulness!

  • C.R. Mooney

    Great ideas Debbie, thanks!