By the Word of Our Testimony

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By the Word of Our TestimonyA few weeks ago I gave a friend a ride to Rochester, which is about a three hour drive. No, acquaintance is more accurate, though I believe now we are friends.

See, there’s only a few things one can do when stuck in a car for a few hours with another individual. You can listen to the radio, talk, or sleep. If you know me at all my only option is to talk.

So talk we did.

It started with the small chit-chat, “How’s it going?” Blah. Blah. Blah. But before long we were sharing our history with each other.

My friend is a single guy, and I’m a fourteen-year marriage veteran with five kids (number six due in three months!). He started asking me how I liked marriage and family life. With each question he drew wisdom out of me like buckets of water from a well. I told an almost perfect stranger about past failures and victories few people know. Before long he was telling me his story and what God had done in his life to make him the man he is today.

It was powerful.

Do I think what I said will make a long-term difference in his life and how he someday treats his wife? I hope so. I hope he avoids some of the pitfalls I fell into and that he develops the type of relationship that love stories are written about. I may never know.

One thing I do know is that God accomplished something in us. This past Sunday Peter Hopper shared at our church about the power of our testimony. When we open our mouths to speak, not only is the other person strengthened but so are we. We are better men, better Christians today because of that talk. We shared our lives, our testimonies of how God has dealt kindly with us despite our transgressions and in doing so broke some of the lies of the devil in our lives–that we are alone and no one can understand our struggles or has overcome them.

And I know it can’t just be me. I believe there’s something deep inside us all that longs to be seen by others. To be known.

Sharing our story with others is part of that. Anyone can love the “good” us, the façade we put on display when we pretend that everything is OK and we are perfect (or at least better than “so and so”). One of love’s greatest powers is knowing the good and the bad about a person and still loving him despite his failures.

Answer that call deep inside you and share your story with someone today. Heck, share it here. Not only will it bring victory into your life, it will bring it to theirs as well.

Revelation 12:11 ” And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.” (ESV, emphasis added)

  • Eleanore Hurst

    Wonderful blog Chris. Thanks for sharing. Chris sometimes what we call failures, God calls lessons. Your an amazing Husband and Father. I watch and listen. Keep the blogs coming. Love Ellie

  • Deborah-Mom

    Son that was awesome,loved the part about the testimony sharing Mr Hopper shared about thanks for reminding me about it..You are a fabulous father ,and we all grow over time with the lessons we will learn many more over time and all through your children growing up and even when they begin to move out or get married it really never goes away haahahaha,then you begin to really pray hard for them.Any way share your testimony to as many as God will bring in your path.Love you muchly mom

  • reenie

    ” I believe there’s something deep inside us all that longs to be seen by others. To be known.” This is our longing that we would be KNOWN by HIM and that we would KNOW HIM, it is profound, when you think about it really, that God created us in his image, and like him we long to know and be known. Each testimony is also profound, in that it estabishes truth for another coming behind, it says “Hey God is faithful, no matter what. AND it says it in a personal way – a releational way- I walked this out, so can you. Testimonies encourage others and can also be a warning, don’t do it the way I did, it hurt alot. to a young believer it brings hope,or a testimony can point to the light for someone who is so lost they don’t know where to turn. I love that the things we walk through God doesn’t just overlook, and say awww yea that was bad and there is no way I can use THAT – nope he uses it ALL inspite of how messed up it is. The very word of God tells us the things we walk through are not just for our own awareness of God, or to be tested or to KNOW him more, but to help build up those that come after us. Being open is the only way to see God magnified -in situations and circumstances you wouldn’t espect – Keep talking and Telling of all he has done. Great thoughts Chris.

  • C.R. Mooney

    Thanks for the comments. Sometimes we think our stories aren’t that relevant, but there is definitely freedom and power to change others present when we do.