Are you a lying, thieving, alduterous blashpemer?

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I’ve bee thinking quite a bit about “personal evangelism” lately.  I think mostly because I saw Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron on TBN the other night showing how they evangelize (Christianity) on the street.  They showed a few examples of people who were receptive to the method they were using, and a few more that weren’t interested.

It really got me thinking about the different takes people have on the subject.

I have personally been of the conviction that the most effective approach would be to have a relationship with a person before trying to proselytize them.  You would think so right?  I would be more apt to buy a product on a friend’s recommendation than I would from the guy knocking on my door.  And I know it annoys most people when the Jehovah’s Witness guys come to the house with their agenda of conversion.  That kind of stuff just turns me off.

That being said, I am truly intrigued at the approach of Ray and Kirk.  I feel their approach a tad legalistic and brash, but their is video proof that converts have come by taking this route.   Thus the dilemma:  a personal preference versus what might be truth.  So I take it to the Bible, because truth is more important than what I think.

I’m blown away now.   The entire New Testament is full of conversion stories and only a handful come from someone telling a friend.  The Apostles went to many different places, often converting thousands, and almost none came from a friendship.

And what about Jesus?  Many of His converts, including the disciples, were strangers that He approached seemingly on a “whim”.

So where does that leave me?  Time for me to get out of what is comfortable and follow the example of the One I say I want to be like.   Time to start spreading the Word.  I hold something deep inside that needs to get out.  It’s a simple as a child’s song, “Put it under a bushel, NO! I’m going to let it shine.”


- chris mooney

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  • billphillips

    Awesome! I’ve had conversations with many Christians telling me how I’m evangelizing wrong, or Way of the Master is wrong. I can sit there and point out Scriptures showing what you talk about, and give examples of the law being used, and why we need to use the law, yet for no apparent reason, they reject it.

    I agree that it may be a counterintuitive method. The Gospel (to the unsaved) is counterintuitive, but it’s the Gospel that saves, not our persuasiveness or likability.

    While figuring out what the Bible says on evangelism may have been easier for me than some people, I hope that I can be humble enough to let the Bible change my mind on other topics in the future. I think you’ve provided us an excellent example of that.

    Romans 10:14 says, “How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?”


  • baddogmooney

    Bill, thanks for your comment. I guess that no matter what the method, it’s the Gospel being preached that counts. And his word never returns void.

  • Shawn

    I like what you said it does come down to the Gospel being preached. I attended a school of Evangelism in San Diego at Horizon Christian Fellowship. We read his book and for me it does make sense. But I had the same feeling that it is really in your face. we follow Jesus the went up aginst the institution of His day the Jewish leaders. I loved your post. Keep the faith.


  • masterofdungeons

    I’m a Christian, and if someone came up to me on the street and called me those things, you can bet your boots I wouldn’t be speaking to them again. Maybe we should look at the Mormons and their approach rather than Kirk’s idea.

  • baddogmooney

    shawn – thanks for the thought. can you sum up how what they taught on it? What was effective?

    master – thanks for stopping by.

  • Chris Taylor

    Was tag surfing and checked ‘evangelize’ and your site came up. Funny, you stole my site theme even though you picked it first :D

    If you’re interested, my blog is

    In Christ,

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  • Justin

    I use the Way of the Master style of personal evangelism, and it really is Biblical and you’d be surprised how many people don’t react the way you’d suspect.

  • Chris

    Here’s the question I had to ask myself… how many relational evangelism conversions do I have? My own answer… pretty much little to none.

  • Brad Walker

    If we all stay within our comfort zones…the world will never hear the Gospel. What chance would any of us have if someone stayed within their comfort zone instead of sharing the gospel with us? Jesus did not instruct us to “stay” in our little worlds and preach the Gospel…He told us to GO out into the world and tell his story. Where is the misunderstanding? Could it be that we have been so indoctrinated into this anti-Christ system that we have actually stopped exercising the directives of our master? Why are we so reluctant to share the hope within us when we stare into the lifeless eyes of the lost? Where is His compassion within us. The world is full of the dead and dyeing and we are content to “stay” within our comfort zone. We have deteriorated and the best we can do is to maintain the “status quo” (latin; this mess we are in)!
    We are called as ambassadors and soldiers. There is little use for either in our own country. We sit idly by as the enemy comes to us and we wonder why we are ineffective. We are content to wait for the world to come to us. Has anyone read the Barna reports? No-one is coming anymore. this system is failing miserably! We need to get up and bring Jesus to them. This is not rebellion against “church”: it is a revolution for the church. It is time to WAKE UP and get it done. No plan, no system, no condemnation…just boots to the pavement, authentic, compassion and love for the lost. They will know we are Christians by our love. we cannot love them if we are watching them and not telling them about the disaster coming for us all without the salvation of Christ.
    Thanks for the chance to vent.

  • Christopher Hopper

    I recently heard Bill Johnson preach, “One of the main reasons Christians are so bored today is that they pray for most of what they already have.” Like the Spirit of God that wants them to reach the perishing. And I recently changed the concept “the lost” to Jesus’ term of “the perishing” in my language; my, what a change of heart it’s given me. “The lost,” just seems like a bunch of people who are bumping their way through life. While true, it doesn’t really prompt a response in my cold heart. But when I hear the word “perishing,” it reminds me that loves are at stake. Real people in real peril.

    Which leaves the question, regardless of style, tools, gimmicks or apologetics: what am I doing about it?

    Great post, Chris. Keep up the good work.


  • baddogmooney

    Wow. The simplicity of that tiny adjustment in vocabulary. They are not lost, they are going to hell. Perishing.