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I was in Burger King a few weeks ago, and noticed something that saddened me: the calorie total had been added to the menu.  I made the best of it though when I received a puzzled look after ordering the “1520.”  It didn’t fill me up though. I should have ordered the “2240.”  While the calorie number didn’t deter me from ordering the double whopper with cheese, it got me thinking about over consumption.

“The Biggest Loser” is a popular show where obese people compete to see who can lose the most weight.  They get abused for months by Bob and Jillian, and for this privilege, they lose hundreds of pounds.  At the Biggest Loser ranch, they are taught more than exercise, they are taught proper nutrition and diet.  They are taught that excellent health is a lifestyle, that they can’t go home and do what they had before and expect to keep the weight off.

I’ve noticed something though, not everyone keeps the weight off.  It’s sad to see former contestants come back at their previous weight.  What happened?  They quit.  For whatever reason, it became more than they could handle.  They didn’t have a trainer in their ear pushing them to do what was necessary, and eventually it was more than they could bear.

Personally, I do not have a weight issue, but I do have a media consumption issue.  I think the seven deadly sins could be amended to have a subcategory called “media gluttony.”  When I should be reading the Bible, praying, writing, or whatever other task God has given me, I instead open up facebook, flick the TV on, and pick up the latest novel.

I am follower of Jesus, and He teaches me to be like Him.  And it’s easy to be like Him at church, in the controlled environment where there are scores of people making everything just right.  The worship is there, the teaching of the Bible is there, the family of God is there.  It’s easy.  But then I go home.

That’s why I love my Jesus; my “Biggest Loser” Jesus.  He doesn’t leave me alone to fight this battle.  My “Biggest Loser” Jesus sent a teacher, a motivator, an encourager in the Holy Spirit, and He promised He would never leave or forsake me.  They give me the strength I need to continue my spiritual journey.  They remind me what’s healthy for my spirit, and what things need to be cut out, and give me the grace to do it.

So, I encourage you today, pray, and let Jesus tell you what things you consume in excess, that could be cut back or eliminated entirely to make your spiritual diet that much better.

What are some tips you have for keeping up your spiritual health?

  • Deborah

    Chris,thank you for the reminder of what my God can do for me .It is painfully right that sometimes when we (I) am not around those who I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing ,I do what I know I shouldn’t.And not that it’s bad necessarily but has the Lord called (me)us to do something else that I’m (we) are not, that’s what makes it not right.It is glorious when I (we) make the right choices when the Holy Spirit speaks and I (we) listen.More times then not it’s for my (our) own good like eating the smaller hamburger instead of the big one, knowing that I’m (we) are going to gain weight and not be happy or worse then that be unhealthy.Health and spiritually run the same either way.We need to feed them both,if we are feeding on Christ we will make the right choices for life.Christ we need to feed on in greater amounts, food we can greatly back off on.Holy Spirit speak to us always and help us to listen,that we will be healthy in every way,and be pleasing in Your sight Father in Jesus name I pray.Love you son

    • http://www.crmooney.com C.R. Mooney

      mom – so true. and you can’t just route stuff out of your life, but as we fill our lives with god, there is no room for anything else.

      reenie – spend less time on facebook and blogs, but enough to check out this one, haha

      yeah Tim, but it hurts so good!

      brian – love it, and it’s something i am trying to do more, and the more I do, the more natural it becomes. i find myself wanting it too, deep fellowship. love you man.

  • Reenie

    Good stuff Chris. I think that everyday in Christ is a new day. When we fall and fail we get to get up and start again – The Holy Spirit is the greatest trainer we have and I see him push me each day to move in an area that he desires new life in ! Jan and I pray each morning between 5:30 and 6:00 (and when we miss it – I deffinatly feel it …..). I think attending Bible studies can make a huge difference in your spiritual health as well, but not everyone has the schedual to do that – if you can it really does help!
    Fellowship with other believers is awesome too and many times you find that these friends have already been through what you are dealing with so they can become great encouragers – God will provide the right training ground if we ask him to show us what it is he desires of us. ( We have not, because we ask not)…I agree there are many things that side track us from our BEST form – I know that for me it is the little foxes that eat into my study time and my ministry time…I get distracted by the day – mostly it’s facebook and everyones blogs – OOOO ‘nough said I better go ! ;)

  • Tim

    One word, “OUCH”, good job Chris.

  • http://laautosalesny.com Brian Corcoran

    Bro, excellent post.

    One of the most powerful things outside of prayer and study is “Fellowship”.

    I believe there is a huge disconnect in the understanding of what Biblical fellowship is….The Bible says -

    1 John 1:7 – if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another….

    1 John 1:3 – that which we have seen and heard we declare to you, that you also may have fellowship with us; and truly our fellowship is with the ” Father and with His Son Jesus Christ “.

    Notice the Word says “If we walk in the Light”…Question – Can an unbeliever walk in the light? Let’s say a born again Christian spends the entire day fishing with an unbeliever, you exchange fish stories and so on throughout the day…Is that biblical fellowship? Remember you have to walk in the light to have fellowship.

    Let’s take the same scenario only this time 2 born again Christians fishing…same thing, exchanging fish stories and so forth throughout the day…Is that Biblical fellowship?

    The Bible says our fellowship is with the “Father” (Spirit) and “The Lord Jesus Christ” (The Word of God)…..Remember Jesus stating those that worship the Father must worship in (Spirit) and in (Truth)? John 4:23

    I see way to much idle chit-chat between believers when we should be speaking deeply into one another, exhorting one another, getting to know one another in the Spirit and after the Spirit and not after the flesh….True Biblical fellowship isn’t talking about the things of the world with one another, true fellowship is “Word” based, speaking into each others lives, lifting each other up in the true love of God…teaching one another, exhorting one another, loving one another.

    Jesus said, “My Words are Spirit and Life”, yet for some reason, the flesh gets in the way and about the only thing many Christians talk about with each other is their jobs, hobbies, family, money and possessions…..no power in that…..

    Don’t get me wrong, those things have their place, yet that is not fellowship. True Biblical fellowship has power, spiritual power, power to change lives, power to reveal, power to train and uplift one another in the Spirit….After all, we are Spiritual beings…….