My name is Chris, most people call me Mooney.

I am married to Bethany, my high school sweetheart. This March will be eleven years!  We have five children: Laila (9), Jaivin (7), Kaiden (6), Alaina (4), and Lillee (2). They all rock! Bethany is home schooling the oldest three, which is pretty cool. They all love music, probably because I play the guitar (mostly at church). We live in  NY about seven miles from the St. Lawrence River.

I love NY. The taxes are high, heat costs are crazy, but I love the snow and the river. The hunting and fishing are out of this world, though I haven’t done much of either in recent years.

I work with computers.  Some days it’s annoying, but I enjoy it for the most part. I like to write, hunt, and read.