I Hate Change

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change andy warholI have dreams. Big dreams.

There are books I want to write, places I want to take my wife (and kids too sometimes), people I want to help, a house with two bathrooms. I’ve had these dreams for many years.

The problem is that today I am no closer to them than I was 10 years ago.


I hate change. I think maybe you do too. Most do, so don’t feel ashamed.

Everything I am, do, and have are the product of my best decisions. That’s hard to swallow. My best thinking hasn’t gotten me to where I want to be, so the only logical conclusion is that I must change.

There’s that word again.

And so I am, changing that is. And not just a little change, but BIG changes. Like Biggest Loser change. Not that I have 150 pounds to lose, but that the change in lifestyle must be, for me, that drastic, or they will not stick.

So here I sit, writing for the first time in too long. After having exercised, also something new in my life. And I had only 16oz. of soda today, which is a quarter of my usual intake.

The beauty of it is that this probably doesn’t matter too much to you, and it’s highly likely to never be read by more than five or six people at this time. But I am not writing it for you, I am writing it for me. Maybe you will get some inspiration from this, maybe not. Either way, I’m finally on my way to somewhere. I’m not sure where, but I don’t care where, which is yet another new thing for me.

So raise your glass with me and celebrate change. Yes, that despicable word, that essential word, that blessed word: Change. Because without it, I will ever be the same. And that, reader, is no longer acceptable.