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Obediphobia [oh-bee-duh-foh-bee-uh]: the fear of obedience.

It isn’t a real word, but it should be, and my picture would be next to the definition in the dictionary. This post started out as a devastatingly incredible post about how awesome God is, and that every word He says is done.  “Let there be light. Earth turn. Stars shine. Tide roll. Bees pollinate. Heart beat.  On and on it goes, every word He speaks is obeyed.

God gets what He wants, right? Wrong.

Enter me.

About half way through writing this post, I couldn’t write it any longer. It read of everything I am not. God has given me several tasks, most of which I have outright refused to do.

My greatest sin right now is disobedience.  He says do, and I kick my heals together, and for no reason other than self-seeking stubbornness, I say, “No, I’m not doing it.” Of course, maybe not those words exactly, but that’s the interpretation to my excuses and inaction.

I’ve thought about how to do what He’s asked, prayed about what He’s asked, planned about how to accomplish it, now all that’s left (and with all the preparation should now be the easy step) I am left with the “Do.”

When my butt hits the chair, there’s a giant fear. Fear that what I do is mediocre.  Fear that what I write will offend others. Fear that people may actually like it, which sounds ridiculous, but it’s real.  Fear that obedience could cost me relationships with friends and family.

In the end, it’s just another excuse to be selfish, lazy, and disobedient.

Jesus, my example, the One I say I want to be like, obeyed and it cost Him His life: His innocent life. And it wasn’t taken from Him, He gave it.

That’s right, He gave it.

He drank the cup of suffering when He had nothing to gain for Himself but knowing that He was doing what God asked Him too.

I beg of you, save yourself from this gut wrenching disease of obediphobia. Look in the mirror today and ask, “Self, what has God asked me to do?” Then do it.

I am.  Ready or not, here I come!

Here’s a little ditty from Todd Agnew, which sums these thoughts up better than I have written them, and was the inspiration for the original post I started.


Review: Night of the Living Dead Christian by Matt Mikalatos

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(Read to the end to learn how to win a copy of Night of the Living Dead Christian by Matt Mikalatos today!)

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We’ve all watched monster movies and later that night held the covers close while sleeping with one eye open, hoping the beasts of the night will find other prey to appease their appetites.  In “Night of the Living Dead Christian,” Matt Mikalatos stumbles upon a mad scientist and some monsters during his neighborhood watch.  The ensuing comical mayhem results in Matt helping his neighbor Luther, a werewolf, find a cure for his lycanthropy before he is killed by Borut the monster hunter.

Mikalatos spins an incredible allegory as the unlikely gaggle of heroes battle various monsters and make allies en route to discovering there’s a monster in all of us.

Now, there are those who will see the words werewolf, zombie, and vampire and dismiss this title completely.  To those I say “a spoonful of brains helps the medicine go down.”  Sometimes the only way to confront the difficult questions in our lives is to see them from a different perspective, and that is what Matt Mikalatos offers in “Night of the Living Dead Christian.”  It’s a light hearted delivery system to some heavy-handed self reflection.

The end of the book has a couple of great features including a glossary of monsters and a Q&A with Mikalatos.

I highly recommend “Night of the Living Dead Christian.” I put his writing in the Jon Acuff section of “makes me laugh until I hurt, and it hurts most because he’s talking about me.” This is my first encounter with Matt Mikalatos’s writing, and it’s impressed me enough to warrant me buying his previous title, “Imaginary Jesus,” in which he is also a main character on a mission to find the real Jesus.

Here is Matt and his take on “Night of the Living Dead Christian.”

watch on tyndale.com

You can find Matt’s blog here: http://mattmikalatos.com

And on facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/matt.mikalatos

Thank you to Tyndale House Publishers who provided this copy to me free of charge for review.  A positive review was not required.


Awesome! You’ve made it to the end of my review, and I hope it was helpful for you.  So, how do you win a copy of Night of the Living Dead Christian? There are two ways to enter:

a) Leave a comment about your favorite monster movie and what frightens you the most about it.

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Each of these will get you one entry and you can only enter today (12/15/2011). Tomorrow I will put all of the entries into a hat (Yankees!) and have one of my kids draw a name.  Check back to see if you have won. I will post the winner on the blog and on my facebook page (facebook.com/baddogmooney).

It Hurts So Good 15 – That’s What I Thought Too

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So I have recently taken over managing the gumball machines and kiddy rides at our local mall and today I received my first check.  I pulled it out of the envelope and smiled and then thought about how I’m making 10% of the machine’s take, and how little that is compared to the 90% CTM makes. Imagine what I could do if I made the 90%!

Then God whispered to me, “That’s what I thought too.” Ow, that hurts so good.

A Light In The Darkness

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umm, yeah. Here’s a little ditty I wrote four years ago. Enjoy

I own a store called A Light in the Darkness. It’s a quaint little shop with thousands of different lamps, chandeliers, and the like. I also sell the bulbs for every model you could think of. Our shingle reads, “My light will free you from any darkness.”

When you walk through the aisles, every lamp is lit so you can see how brightly they shine and what type of light they cast. They scream, “Look how bright my light shines! I have what it takes to free you from darkness!”

The display lamps scoff at the others still in the package. They call them useless and tell them how dull and insignificant they are sitting boxed on the shelf. “See how much light I give off? And you just sit there doing nothing.”

All of the lights are in separate rows, so you can clearly see their labels and what each is good at. Sometimes you can hear them argue about who does their job better and why they’re so important.

It’s ironic how proud the lights on display are, because they are the ones that never leave the shop.

The lights that are still in the package, they are my greatest asset. They have the potential to be everything and more that the display lights are, but are content to remain where I put them. They wait for the day that I take them from the shelf and send them to be the light that frees someone from darkness.

And that is important, because I have a specific light for every need. And not everyone knows what type of light is needed for their particular circumstance. These customers are easy to spot as they wander around my store from aisle to aisle looking for the one that’s “just right.” I’ve had a few complaints that it’s hard to know which light to choose when they all say they are the best. So I help them and guide them to a shelf, giving them the light that’s just right for their need.

I wish the display lights could be used to help someone, but they are too busy trying to outshine the others and too afraid to leave the store. They fear that they might be unplugged and their lights cease shining. I try to tell them they will be plugged in again when they are ready to be used but their fear paralyzes them.

So I am surrounded mostly by display lights who give light to no one but themselves in a store that is already lit, while a handful wait patiently for me to send them.

So how can I help you today? Remember, my light will free you from any darkness.


“God is Not a White Man” by Gungor

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Found this silly awesome video, “God is Not a White Man” by the Michael Gungor Band.