What if God was as faithful to me as I am to him?

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I have been broken lately over this question: What if God was as faithful to me as I am to him?

It is humbling to say that as I read the Bible, I fall very short of what Jesus would define as His disciple.   I will write more on this later, but please consider the question in your own life.

Review: Venom and Song: The Berinfell Prophecies Series – Book Two

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Venom and Song: The Berinfell Prophecies Series Book Two

Venom and Song is the second book in the Berinfell Prophecies Series by Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper.  It continues the story of seven elf lords who were kidnapped from their world as babies and hidden on earth by the Spider King.  In book one, Curse of the Spider King, the children are discovered by their own kind, and return to their world, Allyra, to defeat the Spider King.

Venom and Song follows the young lords as they train for and battle the Spider King and his forces.  Along the way they deal with the trials of transforming into a team of warriors, the pressure of being royalty to a people they have just met, and the betrayal of those that were to be trusted.  This story has a great flow, and is ripe with suspense and twists.

Book two picks right up where book one ended, so I believe that if you have not read the first, you may find it hard to keep up with the many characters, especially when the seven lords are referred to by both their earth and elf names.   Also, some of the characters disappear for awhile, probably a product of page limitations.   The characters were fun to follow, and the creatures and people of this world were well crafted.

There is quite a bit of violence in this, which is fine for me, but possibly not suitable for younger kids.

I loved this story, and I hope that there is a book three available soon.   I will be holding onto this one for my kids to read.

I received a free copy of this for review courtesy of Thomas Nelson’s BookSneeze program.

Don’t Want To Waste My Life – Lecrae

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You really have to check out everything this guy puts out.