Why you shouldn’t try plastic surgery on your own

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In the crazy world we live in today, you never know what you are going to get when you open up an email from a firend. Well, today is one of those days. The email I received was titled, “why you shouldn’t try plastic surgery on your own.” My initial thought was, “Man, this is probably going to be a train wreck.”

BeforeIt was, I followed the link to a story run by AOL News about a lady who injected cooking oil into her face.  What I thought I would get a good laugh from turned into soemthing completely different.  There is nothing funny about it at all. 

Apperently this Korean woman had many cosmetic surgeries before this, to the point where a doctor gave her a siringe and some silicon so she could do it herself.  The problem came when she ran out of silicon.  I guess she thought the cooking oil would be the same.  Instead of making herself more beautiful, she is now unrecognizable.

I wonder if this is what we look like to God sometimes.  We see God as the perfection of beauty and want to be the same, so we try to clean ourselves up.  “If I could just stop doing this, or attend a few more services, He would love me more.  If I just read the Bible a couple more times a week… If I could just…”

BeforeThe problem is that anything we could ever do would never be enough.  God says that our own righteousness is as filthy rags.  The only way to be accepted by Him is to accept that what His son Jesus did on the cross is all that is needed.  It is His righteousness that we need.  Any tampering or attempt to add to it by us can only end in disfigurement.

He loves you how you are. If anything needs changing, don’t try to operate on yourself, let the Great Physician do it.

- mooney