White is to black as God is to (blank)?

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I remember taking aptitude tests in school where they had all kinds of relational questions. You probably have remember these as well. While reading through Lord Foulgrin’s Letters, I ran into a part where Lord Foulgrin talks about the human tendency to put opposites on the extreme ends of an equal plane.

White and black are both colors like hot and cold are both temperatures. The the further left you go, the whiter or hotter something gets; the further left, the blacker or colder something is.

Quite often, we do the same thing with God and Satan. Most place God on the ultimate side of good, and Satan on the ultimate extreme of bad. The Bible clearly states that in God there is no darkness (1 John 1:5), and Satan is a liar (John 8:44), thief (John 10:10), and murderer from the beginning (John 8:44).

While being opposites in the matter of good/evil, they are not on equal planes. This is something that I was doing that I was not aware of. Does it make a difference? Yes, a huge one.

While we often see Satan as the opposite of God, He is in no way equal. Satan’s equivalent would be the archangel Michael. See, while the devil is the opposing entity to God, was still created by God. Notice that he could not overthrow heaven, but was cast out. he did not take dominion of the earth, but was given earth as a domain. He is not omnipotent, omnipresent, or omni anything else.

He was a disobedient little twit that got kicked out of the big house and sent to the guest quarters.

Remember that the next time you are facing any type of adversity, our God (Jehovah to be clear) is the true God, and all are subject to His commands.  The devil loses because he has no chance of winning.  He never did.


- C.R. Mooney

Islam is NOT a religion of peace

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I ran across this news item a few days ago at at Reuters: Random House pulls novel on Islam, fears violence. It really got me thinking. You can click through and read the article, but here is a snapshot.

Shery Jones wrote a novel titled, “The Jewel of Medina” a story of A’isha, a girl who was engaged to Mohammed, at age six. Now, while I do not posses much knowledge of the Islamic faith, I find it hard to believe that their claim of being a religion of peace is legitimate.

See, Random House, who was scheduled to release this book on August 12, pulled the book at the last minute with this comment,

“cautionary advice not only that the publication of this book might be offensive to some in the Muslim community, but also that it could incite acts of violence by a small, radical segment.”

“In this instance we decided, after much deliberation, to postpone publication for the safety of the author, employees of Random House, booksellers and anyone else who would be involved in distribution and sale of the novel,” Perry said.

What the?! Are you kidding me? Every book is offensive to someone. Basically Random House is afraid of a violent reaction to the book. Why? Because the threat is legitimate.

While there are millions, maybe billions of Muslims who could care less about this book being published, there is still the fact that history shows certain Muslims react violently to everything the deem offensive. see the Danish cartoon incident, the riots in Paris in 2005, numerous acts of violence against people of other faiths in Pakistan, as well as Nigeria.

My question is, if Islam is truly a religion of peace, where are the Muslims who are denouncing this violent behavior? Who are the clerics that are standing up and saying, “These guys are nuts! We have nothing to do with them!” Where are the American “peaceful” Muslims denouncing Hezbollah? I don’t see any.

Believe me, Christianity has had its share of crazies: I.e. , Jim Jones, David Koresh, a few hundred years in the Middle Age, early American . The difference is that the entirety of Christendom denounces the acts of these people. The moment a leader or faction does something off-base, there are plenty of other leaders and organizations calling them off-base fanatics.

Islam a religion of peace?

Islam a religion of peace?

The Muslim world however seems to sit by and silently watch. In approval? Or are their own believers afraid of the fanatics too? The silence is almost deafening.

My dad used to say, “If you’re out with your friends, and their getting into trouble (mischief), if you don’t leave or stand up to them, you are just as guilty.” And that is what I say to the Muslims; your silence is your stamp of approval.

Islam a religion of peace? I think not.

- mooney

Expectancy vs Expectation

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My thought for today is a quote from Mark Buchanan’s book Your God is Too Safe (p149-50). “Our lives should be lived with expectancy. Not necessarily with expectation, because expectation tends to dictate terms. The Pharisees lived with expectation and rejected Christ when He did not the rigid narrowness of their expectations.

Often I wonder if we, waiting for Christ’s return, do it more with expectation than expectancy. Expectancy is the belief that God will do something. Expectation insists He do it in just this way. Sometimes expectation blinds us more to the God who is here right now than outright disbelief does.

The Pharisees couldn’t see Jesus for looking. Or those two disciples on the road to Emmaus: There they are, bemoaning the absence of the very one who’s present with them. What made them deaf and blind? Expectations: ‘We had hoped that He was the one who was going to redeem Israel’ (Luke 24:21). But that ‘hope’ took a form that shut out surprises, like crosses and resurrection and a deeper redemption.”

- God, help me to not place you in a box and limit the ways that you can move in my life. Help me to see that Your ways are higher than mine. I expect you to grow me and show me Your will, but not with the preconceived idea of what that might be.

Coup D’Church

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Sorry for the lack of original content the last few weeks. You have to read this though. You can comment here or just go to the original post at American Pentecost by JC Smith.

EDIT: Well, people weren’t clicking through for the rest of the post, So here it is in it’s entirety:

coup d’church n : a sudden and decisive change of church structure outside normal means or by force if necessary.

I have gone over the edge, friends.

I was in Minnesota recently holding tent meetings. I was watching folks getting saved every night while the church focused on their own agenda and while church people were generally too busy to show up to support the work.

But that’s not what sent me over the edge.

I saw people come just in case we had a Bentley-like healing service and not come back because we actually preached a straight word out of the Bible (gasp!) or because we actually viewed the gift as a means to salvation and not an end all by itself.

But that didn’t send me over the edge either.

I saw “Prophetic” people get irate because we actually expect them to do something more than soak and wave banners. Recently in Minnesota the prophetic folks have been saying that a “Leviathan” spirit had swam down the Mississippi river and that its tail knocked down the I-94 bridge in Minneapolis. They are saying this, really, and what’s worse, they seem to actually believe it.

I keep expecting that the next prophetic fad will be with them wearing tin foil helmets so that the CIA can’t read their minds.

These same folks are excited because Bill Yount gave a prophecy that claimed that angels were embedded in the walls of the churches waiting to be activated. Yes, the same Bill Yount who gave the infamous “candy bar names” prophecy is actually allowed to minister somewhere. Shocking.

The same folks are dispensing “Godka” and are “Toking the Ghost” at meetings. And pardon me if I seem religious but I think that maybe God would be better served by you witnessing your faith or cleaning the church or teaching kids out of the Word or…

That had me close to the edge but not quite over it.

What put me over the edge was the understanding that the church simply will not correct itself, it is in a free spinning descent and no one seems to know that eventually you must hit the ground.

I was given a gift for visiting a church on a Sunday morning recently. The church was an Assembly of God and they gave us June’s copy of “Today’s Pentecostal Evangel”. Inside was an article on “The Changing Face of Evangelism” and there was a picture of Billy Sunday and some hipster that I didn’t know.

Anyway, as I read, I became livid.

First was “Gone are the days when a camp meeting was a big event in town”. I thought, “Okay, that’s just opinion. It lacks foresight but I can agree to disagree with that.” Then I read further “An Evangelist supplements by providing a particular specialty that may not be the local Pastor’s strength, such as teaching on Spirit baptism.” Um…what?

“The Evangelist complements by teaching the people from a second voice that confirms what the Pastor has been sharing with them.”

Are you kidding me? That is the job of the Evangelist in the church, to complement the local Pastor? And this was coming from the AG! I’m sorry but I don’t know what books they are handing out in Springfield for leaders to read but apparently it isn’t the Bible anymore.

Here’s the problem: you are besieged. You are trapped behind the four walls of your church by the enemy outside and the only ministry that you know is to other besieged people. You are devouring one another and defining ministry gifts by what you can do while you are besieged, not by what God had intended for us as His church!

The job of an Evangelist is not to supplement a local Pastor, sorry. The job of an Evangelist is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, in the world. But our Evangelists are not Evangelists anymore, they are travelling preachers with an career agenda and money on the brain.

And it is time and high time for a coup d’church.

The prophetic movement is starting to teach that the Bible is not the Word, Jesus is. Therefore, since the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy, prophetic declaration is higher than the written word. When you do that, you cross the line from heterodoxy to heresy and I will do all that is in my power to expose you as false prophets prophesying lies.

When a false movement deserts the Word of God to follow fables, it is time for a coup d’church.

What of the Moravian Church, who at one time held a 24/7 prayer ministry for 100 years while sending out over 300 missionaries to areas unreached by the Gospel message. Today they have homosexuals ordained as preachers and many of them doubt the infallibility of the Word.

When those who should lead us have fallen into secularism and liberalism, it is time for a coup d’church.

Methodist women used to have “pray-in’s” where they all sat as a group in front of the doors of local taverns and prayed, refusing to move and refusing to allow anyone inside. Methodists used to hold camp meetings where God moved, people repented and were saved. They used to send circuit riders all over the country, covering rural areas with the good news. Today they are mainstream and neither God nor the people move.

When the new wineskin becomes the old wineskin, unable to contain any new wine, its time for a coup d’church.

We could mention the Salvation Army or the Presbyterian church and how far removed they are from the radical manifestations of revival in their past. We could mention Pentecostals who now too dignified to have the gifts of the Spirit operate in public or the Word of Faith folks who took revelation from God and started commanding stones to become bread for their own use.The list is too long and too painful for me because I love the church. But I can not abide what a church does to people when it is based on lies, compromise and the world system.

The disease of the church is systemic and what change can come to it, must come from outside, period.

We must take what we can from the past and never lose them while being sure to lose everything that came later as a result of the compromises of weak men.

To be clear, I am calling for an outright revolt where it is deserved. I am calling for a coup in the church because they are simply not competent to lead us into the future.

And if no one calls out and says “What should we do?” I don’t mind, I will simply be the change on my own and that would be enough for me.

-JC Smith

Oh Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say

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We need to watch what we say, and no I am not talking about the obvious stuff like gossip, slander, profanity, etc. What I am talking about is when one of your friends come to you in confidence, seeking some encouragement or just wanting to have someone listen, that we be careful what we tell them. Recently I have come across a situation where a friend was unclear on a particular situation and got railed on by another friend about how their “theology” was screwed up. When will we get over ourselves? NO one on this planet has perfect theology! We need to seek the Lord on what to say. Even Jesus took a moment and played in the sand before replying to the accusations of the pharisees in John 8:1-11. If Jesus took the time to ask the Father for what He should say, how much more should we? Here is a little story I ran across today, it really pulled my heart strings about some of the stuff I have said. It is an excerpt for Elizabeth George’s “A Woman’s High Calling”:

<blockquote>”There was once a pair of inseparable friends. One day one of them heard a story about his friend, and believed it, not trying to find out if it was true or not and he told another friend. The story soon grew. His friend found out and their friendship ended. The man who suffered the slander fell critically ill and was on his deathbed . The one that spread the slander found out and went to see him, he confessed his error and asked for forgiveness. The dying man forgave him immediately.

-Now- said the dying man- I want you to do something for me. Take my feathered pillow and spread the feathers on the yard.

Though he thought it was a weird request, the visitor did what he was asked for and returned beside his friend’s bed

-Now- said the dying man – go pick all the feathers up.

-That’s impossible- said the other.

-That’s right- said the moribund- I forgave you from the bottom of my heart for spreading all those stories about me, but not even my forgiveness repairs all the harm done.

The slander stories spread can’t get repaired.”</blockquote>

Elizabeth George
“A Woman’s High Calling”