– A Light in the Darkness –

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umm, yeah. Here’s a little diddy I wrote today.

I own a lighting store called A Light in the Darkness. It’s a neat little shop that has thousands of different lamps, chandeliers, and the like. I also sell the bulbs for every model you could think of. My motto is “My light will free you from any darkness.”

When you walk through the aisles, every lamp is lit so you can see how brightly they shine and what kind of light they cast. They are screaming, “Look how bright my light shines! I have what it takes to free you from darkness!”

These bulbs scoff at the others still in the package. They call them useless and tell them how dull and insignificant they are sitting on the shelf. “See how much light I give off? And you just sit there doing nothing.”

All of the lights are in separate rows, so you can clearly see their labels and what each is good at. Sometimes you can hear them argue about who does their job better and why they’re so important.

It’s a funny thing how proud the lights on display are. But they are the ones that never leave the shop.

The lights that are still in the package, they are my greatest asset. They have the potential to be everything and more that the display lights are, but are content to remain where I put them. They wait for the day that I take them from the shelf and send them to be the light that frees someone from darkness.

And that is important, because I have a specific light for every need. And not everyone knows what type of light is needed for their particular circumstance. These customers are easy to spot as they wander around my store from aisle to aisle looking for the one that’s “just right.” I’ve had a few complaints that it’s hard to know which light to choose when they all say they are the best. So I help them and guide them to a shelf, giving them the light that’s just right for their need.

I wish the display lights could be used to help someone, but they are too busy trying to outshine the others and too afraid to leave the store. They fear that they might be unplugged and their lights cease shining. I try to tell them they will be plugged in again when they are ready to be used but their fear paralyzes them.

So I am surrounded mostly by display lights who give light to no one but themselves in a store that is already lit, while a handful wait patiently for me to send them.

Remember, “My light will free you from any darkness.”


– It’s Not About Me! –

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That seems to be a popular phrase today, “It’s not about me.” We hear it and think that it’s a great idea, because it’s not REALLY about me. I was watching a preacher on TV and he was saying somthing I have heard preachers preach a million times, and the in-studio crowd always hoots and hollers over it. “The Lord has a blessing for you today!” the preacher says. “It’s time to claim your blessing! Say, ‘LORD BLESS ME!!’ Say it again now! All you have to do is receive it. The Lord wants to bless you! Bless bless bless bless bless bless!!! Bless me Lord!”

I feel like shouting too, but since when did Chritianity become the “bless me” club? I think I am most upset about this because lately it has been my heart’s desire. BLESS ME! I think that this line of thinking is a little more than slighlty off center. I do not see this attitude once in Jesus life, which is our model. His words were “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.(Matt 6:33)” We need to stop seeking His blessing and start seeking Him. When our eyes are focused on Him, the blessings will come. The greatest thing is that when the blessings come, it really won’t matter because our focus is our relationship with the Father.

I don’t believe that it is wrong to want to blessed by the Lord. I believe that when we lose our focus of God and only seek Him for His blessings, then our heart’s motivation is wrong. Bless me *shakes head*. This line of thinking centers on the “ME”. We should be crying out Lord bless others. Bless them through me, not because of me, but because of You working through me. It goes back to it is better to give than to receive. It applies to more than just physical items. Some of the most “blessed” times of my life have been when I was pouring myself out to others. Ministering to their needs and concerns through the power of God in my life.

We make this our lifestyle though. Every morning I pray for God to bless my day, bless my family, bless my food. I would say that 80-90% of my prayer time is praying for things I want need, and that hurts. I have been so selfish. This morning I felt God challenging me to do somthing, and I in turn challenge you. For one week’s time when you pray, do not pray for anything for yourself. Do not pray me, my, I need, I want, or anything of the sort. Nothing for self. Spend the time praying for the needs of others and see what God will do.

Feel free to leave messages or comments on what you think. God bless YOU!